The internet has revolutionized the way people live their lives. Everything’s literally on the internet – tutorials, exhibits, informative articles, businesses, jobs and more.  Through time, web sites have become uncountable and competition has ruled the online scene. So, the best sites shall prevail! The best sites have great contents and are powered by the best hosting platforms. Choosing the best hosting site is a primary concern for all webmasters and site owners. Whether you are a professional user or a newbie in the industry, the perfect hosting site is a major consideration in the over-all site management. Speed, security, customer service assistance, cost and other technicalities are among the most vital things to consider when choosing a platform to host your site. Here’s a breakdown of the three best hosting sites and why you should avail their offers.

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The 3 Top Rated Website Hosts


Friendly, accommodating and helpful staff – who wouldn’t want that kind of service from the creators of your hosting site? SiteGround has received high praises with regards to their way of responding to queries and concerns of their clients. They have the best support to their users to provide them quality, complete and successful hosting experience. SiteGround also has incomparably fast servers with great uptime. It is also known for its generous freebies that are all useful in the dashboards of site users. One interesting thing is that they provide a free domain which anyone would love. They offer numerous packages designed for web developers of different levels of expertise, technical familiarity and site objectives. SiteGround is powered by the latest technologies available to date for a specialized and advanced hosting. It is committed to both WordPress and Joomla hosting. Additionally, its cost is definitely worth it with the high-end services and support they offer.


Just like SiteGround, HostGator also supports WordPress and Joomla hosting. HostGator is known to provide tools that make site hosting an easy and interesting work. They are popular for one-click software installations and unlimited offers such as mail accounts and domain hosting. The features of this hosting platform are definitely useful for all webmasters! Impressively, its uptime could also level to those with the highest uptime. The interface of HostGator is one of the easiest to manipulate and learn. Especially for new users, HostGator would be a friendly choice. A powerful control panel is also an edge of this hosting site. For those who have not the largest budget, HostGator offers good packages for relatively cheaper prices.


Managed WordPress hosting is also a feature of this search engine as their developers have devoted years to perfect a complete platform for WordPress hosting. Features such as EverCache and GeoIP were all designed for a good WordPress hosting experience. WPEngine has a great hosting speed for a fairly average cost. This hosting site also assures security by malware scans and regular backups. Built-in technologies such as 1-click Restore, LargeFS and EverCache are all technologies that highlight the advanced nature of WPengine in terms of WordPress hosting.

Hosting is a technical yet a fun experience. A complete hosting experience will always rely on a good choice of hosting platform. Always thoroughly consider the aforementioned factors to make sure that you choose the best website host that suits your site and your demands as a web master.